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The Angel Gun is a weapon for humans to protect themselves against Angels that want to hurt them.[1] The archangels apparently find it a fair weapon, given that humans have few other ways to combat angels who get too offensive. [2]

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  • Small and sleek
  • Those rounds are meant to shred an angel's wings.

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  • It takes an angel longer to heal his wings than anything else.[1]

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1. Angels' Blood Edit

Raphael is chasing her and word is that he's gone cold. Everyone says the same thing. She believes he wants to hurt her. Vivek gives Elena a gun that can injure an angel's wings just long enough to get away. The wings heal.[1] Raphael finds Elena in her apartment. She feels threatened by him and shoots his wing. Only it's not healing like it should.[3] Dmitri agrees that Raph's wing should have healed quickly. Dmitri says that Elena just gone from hunter to the number one threat to angels. He tells her that archangels apparently find it a fair weapon.[2] Sara told Elena she left something for her under her pillow.[4] Sara had left Elena a gun identical to the one Vivek had given her. While talking with Michaela in Raph's library, Elena moved that gun from an ankle holster to one of the side pockets of her cargos, from where she could fire without having to take it out.[5]

2. Archangel's KissEdit

Sara packed one of his Angel Guns in a bag of weapons for Elena.[6]

3. Archangel's Consort Edit

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