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Archangels are angels who have grown to such power that they go through Ascension and transform into a powerful Archangel—they are born at the moment of that change. Archangels are as different from Angels as Mortals were from Vampires.[1] Archangels become rulers of his own territory, decided by the Cadre of Ten.

An Archangel automatically becomes a member of The Cadre once they Ascend. Ten was the perfect number spread out across the world. One or two more could be accommodated, but after that, there wouldd be back-to-back wars until the balance was restored.[2]

NOTE: Archangels and Angels have nothing to do with religion in this world. They are all powerful winged beings with near immortality. Archangels are immensely more powerful than Angels.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Glamour: power of invisibility [3]
  • Sending: Ability to communicate over vast distance through the use of Archangelic power.. [4]
  • Ambrosia
  • Power to kill by another archangel:  They are given that power when they ascend—one of the prerequisites of being in the Cadre of Ten. [5]
  • Communicate mentally:
  • No archangel could capture another archangel’s true power. [6]
  • Archangels could regenerate even from ash. [7]
  • The powers they achieve with age are tied intrinsically to who they are individually.[8]

Plus Angel Powers:

  • Angelfire — some, not all
  • Glamour (becoming invisible) — some, not all
  • Angel Dust
  • Mind control
  • Telepathy with certain others
  • Accelerated healing
  • Ability to Fly
  • Immortality
  • Glow—especially when angry, just before someone is killed
  • keen eyesight


  • The Quiet
  • Only an archangel could kill another.[7] [9] [5] [10]
  • An Archangel killing another Archangel were always catastrophic events that sent tremors across the world—archangels did not easily die. [11]
  • Subject to potential insanity when they get too Ancient—they can succumb to their own Angel madness. [12]
  • Bloodborn: all angels, even archangels, carry the potential to become Bloodborn, a kind of vampire-like angel madness. [12]
  • Fading: they fade if they don't eat—literally fade, become a ghost. Food anchors their physical form. I washes them out, not make them invisible. It takes about fifty years. [13]

Killing an ArchangelEdit

  • An archangel only be killed by another archangel. [5]
  • "As we age, we gain power-including the power to end the life of an immortal. It's one of the prerequisites of being in the Cadre of Ten. We must be able to destroy each other if the need arises." [5]

Ascension / CadreEdit

  • An archangel doesn’t get invited to join the Cadre. They become Cadre when they become Archangels.[14]

Rule and GovernanceEdit

  • Archangels ruled because they had the power to control the vampires. Without an archangel at the helm, the more violent of the Made might turn feral, driven by unthinking blood hunger—it would be catastrophic. The entire mortal population of a region could be wiped out in days. [7]
  • Archangels of the Cadre of Ten decide who gets Made and who does the Making. [15]

Laws / TabooEdit

  • Angels in Sleep were inviolate. It was one of their most fundamental laws. [7]

Blood Insult Edit

  • It's a blood insult to refuse an archangel's table. [16]

Characteristics / Traits / NatureEdit

  • Archangels are as different from Angels as Mortals were from Vampires.[1]
  • Cruelty is a symptom of age.[17]
  • Archangels didn't meddle in each other's affairs, even when those affairs led to mass bloodshed.[18]
  • When an archangel glowed, people generally died. [19]
  • No archangel wanted to destroy an asset when he or she could win it to their side.[10]
  • No archangel would want to greet his people looking weak and broken.[20]
  • Weakness was despised, strength admired—dangerous to show weakness to others. [20]
  • Though seeming very different—They love as fiercely and they fight as wildly.[21]


  • When an Archangel gets Ancient enough, they often chose to go into the archangel's Sleep.
  • Angels in Sleep were inviolate. It was one of their most fundamental laws. [7]

Angel Gun / Weapons against AngelsEdit

  • The gun is intended to injure an angel's wings long enough for a human to escape. The wings repair in 20 to 30 minutes.[22]
  • Archangels apparently find it a fair weapon, given that humans have few other ways to combat angels who get too pushy.[23]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Overwhelming power and magnificent beauty [21]
  • Archangels couldn’t be in close proximity for long periods without a dangerous rise in their aggression. [2]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Archangels can not be in close proximity to each other for long periods. [2]
  • As of Enigma: there are now 11 Archangels living—two of them ancients. The Cadre has never been more than ten.[21]
  • Angels and Archangels in long standing personal relationships tend to hold on to the stability and their sanity longer. [9]
  • to be an archangel was to surrender part of your soul.[9]
  • There's only one on the verge of becoming an archangel.[24]

Known ArchangelsEdit

The Current Cadre:

Fomer Cadre Archangels:

History and Anecdotes Edit

An archangel had once long ago been betrays, cut into pieces and those pieces scattered around the world. The piece buried under a mountain in Uram's territory is the one that regenerated—that mountain range no longer existed, and neither did anyone who bore even a single drop of blood related to those who had buried the archangel.[7]

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

0.4. "Angels’ Dance" Edit

Story takes place 400 years prior to the series. — The Archangel Alexander may have gone to Sleep and his son Rohan may be trying to rule in his stead. But the vampires are starting to rebel—there could be a blood bath. The Cadre of Ten moves quickly to intercede. [25] Michaela Ascends and joins the Cadre. [26]

0.5. "Angels' Judgmemt" Edit

0.6. "Angels' Pawn" Edit

1. Angels' BloodEdit

The Cadre met to discuss the hunt for Uram and the hiring of Elena Deveraux. [9] Raphael seeks Lijuan's advice through a Sending on what may be happening to him as an Archangel.[4]

2. Archangel's KissEdit

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5. Archangel's Storm Edit

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Overwhelming power and magnificent beauty, the sight made her heart stop. “They aren’t like us,” she whispered to Naasir, feeling that understanding in her bones. “They are nothing like us.” As different from her as she was from a mortal. Arms wrapping around her shoulders from behind, Naasir nuzzled her temple. “They love as fiercely, Andi. And they fight as wildly.”[21]
"There are some humans-one among half a billion perhaps-who make us something other than what we are. The barriers fall, the fires ignite, and the minds merge." Lijuan to Raphael [4]
"There's only one on the verge of becoming an archangel."[24]

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