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When an angel ascends to the next plane of power, in most cases to an archangel. It is however possible for archangels to ascend, as being shown by Zhou Lijuan, who after ascending a second time became the archangel of death. [1]

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  • An ascension is always followed by a monumental phenomenon. When Raphael ascended, the entire water on earth turned the colour of his eyes. When Illium nearly ascended, he was surrounded by golden lightning bolts that turned the heaven golden. [2][3]
  • It is however possible to stop an ascension, as shown by Raphael when he stopped Illiums ascension. This however was only possible because of the special bond between Raphael and his Seven.

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- If an angel his to young and his body is not yet strong enough to handle the ascension, he will die.[4]

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Possible future Cadre:

Other ascending angels:

  • Elena Deveraux

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0.4. "Angels’ Dance" Edit

Story takes place 400 years prior to the series. — Michaela ascended to become an Archangel in spectacular fashion and enters the Cadre.[5]

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Illium is growing in power in fast and scary ways. [6] Illium falls from the sky from his growing power.[7] Illium starts to ascend, Raphael absorbs his power before ehe explodes.[8]

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