Avi — first appearance in Archangel's Legion.

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Avi is one of Caliane’s most trusted people, and an angel who had quietly returned to her side as soon as Caliane awoke. Avi stayed behind with his family when Caliane took her people into Sleep. He had been entrusted with guarding a young Raphael by Caliane. He is the father of Tasha and the husband of Jelena.

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  • Thousands of years old

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  • Both cool and all of and gentle, caring and kind [1]

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  • brilliant green eyes
  • auburn hair
  • cool voice
  • clad in the combat leathers of a warrior

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Avit met Andromeda the instant she set down at Amanat and asked her business. She showed him Naasir's ring that Caliane gave him, for safe passage through the gate and asked to see Isabel. She asked about Suyin, he answered shortly that she was i Anshara. But Andi pressed for more.[1] Avi and Isabel with a squadron capture Philomena's four enemy flyers. The plan is to interrogate then, the put them on a prison ship for elsewhere.[2]  

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