Angel Enclave, aka Enclave — First mentioned in Angels' Blood.

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The Enclave is a “suburb”—an exclusive Angel settlement just outside New York where many of Raphael’s angels and his associates have a home. Elena & Raphael’s estate home is there. Janvier even has a small place there as well.

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  • Along the cliffs that hug the Hudson just outside New York [1]
  • Fort Lee / Palisades region as marked on maps. [2]

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  • Trees along the roadway that lined this particular stretch, served to conceal expensive homes—most of them with clifftop outlooks surrounded by lots of land. Some driveways were longer than some roads. None of the houses could be seen from the road. [2]

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1. Angels' Blood Edit

Venom drives Elena to Raphael's mansion in the Angel Enclave. [2] Elena investigates Uram's scent trail on the grounds at Michaela's mansion with Riker hovering over her. Raphael tears Riker's heart out. [3]

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Raphael was working out a combat session with dual blades on the lawn of his estate remembering how used to spar with Neha, the only one with the skill—when Montgomery told him of an urgent message from GalenAndromeda had been kidnapped.[1]

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