Eris — Mentioned in Archangel's Kiss and is pivotal in Archangel's Storm.

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Eris is the angelic husband, but not her consort of Neha and the father to Princess Anoushka. He had an affair with Neha's twin, Nivriti, which resulted in Princess Mahiya. Eris was imprisoned by Neha for 300 years for his infidelities—in a gilded cage. He was believed by many to have been dead for centuries.

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  • 2400 year old

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  • Neha — debatable

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • not strong enough to be the mate of an Archangel
  • skilled swordsman who used to spar with Dmitri


  • his wings had been removed

Occupation / Position / Title Edit

  • Prisoner


  • Sword

Habitat / Residence / OriginsEdit

  • Neha's Prison — for him, a guilded cage
  • India

Character / Personality / Traits Edit

  • a narcissistic womanizer who betrayed Neha with her sister Nivriti
  • cared about no one but himself
  • attempted to escape Neha’s fort early in his captivity, but had his wings removed as punishment

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Eris has blue eyes and shining red-brown hair.
  • what he lacked in power he made up in beauty
  • blue eyes, deep mahogany hair streaked by the sun

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  • hates Princess Mahiya since she is a living symbol of his betrayal and punishment
  • tied to Neha through both love and hate*
  • most people did simply forgotten about Eris—he's been unseen for about 300 years.[1]

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Eris is around 2400 years old and has always been known as a social peacock and serial love rat. Eris married Neha, a very rare thing for angels, but played her off against her own twin sister. As punishment Neha imprisoned Eris in her palace for 300 years; he tried to escape once and had his wings removed when he was caught.

We first meet Eris in Archangel's Shadows after he is murdered by Nivriti.

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2. Archangel's KissEdit

When Raphael asks how he is, she answers "He lives.". The last time Raph seen him was 300 years ago.[1]

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It was only as the words left his mouth that he realized he'd lied to Elena. Therewas another long-term archangelic pairing. But it hadn't been a lie with intent - he'd simply forgotten about Eris, as most people did.[1]
"He lives." Neha's words were chilling in their very preciseness. [1]

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