Evelyn Deveraux, aka "“Eve” — first appearance in Archangel's Consort.

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Evelyn Deveraux is Elena Deveraux's youngest half-sister. She is also hunter-born. She never knew about murdered half sisters Ariel and Mirabelle Deveraux. Her mother wisely stood up to her husband Jeffrey Deveraux for Eve's sake realizing that to not train as a hunter would destroy her in the long run. Eve enrolled in the Guild Academy to hone her skills and is mentored by Elena Deveraux, her older sister, whom her father disowned. Her relationship with her father becomes strained and she can't understand why he is not the same affectionate father he used to be.

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  • Ten-years-old

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  • Can track by scent

Eve has the same ability as Elena. She can scent/hunt vampires.


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  • Guild Academy student

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  • Used to live with her father, now lives at the Academy

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  • open and kind-hearted
  • close to older sister Amethyst Deveraux

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  • Raven hair and gray eyes, creamy skin
  • Fair skinned and petite

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  • n/a - yet

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  • Begins to have a strained relationship with her father Jeffrey over being trained as a Hunter

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We learn that she is Hunter Born, like Elena. She starts to Guild Academy.

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