Gwendolyn Deveraux — First mentioned in Angels' Blood and first appears in Archangel's Consort.

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Gwendolyn Deveraux is the second wife of Jeffrey Deveraux and is the mother of Jeffry's two youngest daughters[1] Amethyst and Eve Deveraux. She stood up to Jeffrey for the sake of her Hunter-born daughter, Eve Deveraux.

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  • Humans

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  • quiet but strong
  • will fight her husband to make sure her children have what they need

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  • raven hair and dark blue eyes, creamy skin
  • fair skinned and petite
  • wintery elegance [2]

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1. Angels' BloodEdit

Elena wanted so desperately to get some of the love that Jeffrey lavished on Beth and the two younger children he had with his second wife, Gwendolyn—Amethyst and Eve Deveraux.[1] Elena compared her appearance to the victim found in Jeffrey's office at Deveraux Enterprises.[2]

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