Hannah — First appearance in Archangel's Kiss.

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Hannah is the Consort to Elijah, the Archangel of South America. She rarely leaves her South American home. Elijah and Hannah had been together for over nine hundred years. Her loyalty was unimpeachable.[1]

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  • Over 900 years old

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  • Powerful, but uninterested in the Cadre politics.[2]
  • Has grown in power over time. [3]
  • Artistic and creative
  • Has a mental connection with Elijah [1]


  • Has next to no offensive skills

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  • South American

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  • Her loyalty to Elijah was unimpeachable. [1]
  • Content to be his helpmeet. [3]
  • Though powerful, Hannah has no taste for politics—content to remain in the wings. She has no desire to be caught up in the workings of the Cadre.[2]
  • Warm and kind, does not stand overly on formality
  • Beautifully clear, musical voice

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Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Wings of deep, luxuriant cream with blushes of peach on the primaries
  • Ebony skin, black curly hair [2]
  • Wears the scent of magnolias.[2]
  • Sparkly dark eyes

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  • Over five decades since Raphael last saw her.[2]
  • Hannah and Elena hit it off easily.

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1. Angels' BloodEdit

Elijah told the Cadre that Hannah looked over the samples that Neha sent of Uram's blood—confirmed that the blood was poison.[1]

2. Archangel's KissEdit

Her relationship with Elijah is the only stable relationship of an archangel that Raphael knows of and can use as an example for how to do relationships.[3] She greets Raphael when he comes to their part of the Refuge to talk with Elijah. She came to meet Elena. She asks what Ambrosia tastes like. She counts Raphael a friend because he would never join with the others if they came at Elijah's back. Raphael tells Elijah doesn't understand why she would sit on the sidelines with all the power she has—"Then why does she not stand with us?". Elijah says she don't want any part of Cadre politics. [2]

6. Archangel's Legion Edit

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Charisemnon set loose Reborn and Vampire Virus in their territory.

Hannah and Elena hit it off easily.  

Quotes Edit

"I've come to meet your hunter." ... "You surprise me, Hannah." ... "I have my flaws. Curiosity is one of them." — Hannah, Raphael [2]
"I've always thought of you as a friend," she said quietly. "I know that if the others decided to come after Elijah behind his back, you wouldn't join in." — Hannah, Raphael [2]
"Where does your faith come from?" ... "From the heart, of course." — Raphael Hannah [2]

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