Heng — First appears in Archangel's Enigma

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Heng is one of Lijuan’s trusted courtiers of the inner court. He was dragged before her court and accused of giving Michaela information about Lijuan's court.[1]


  • Angel

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  • Courtier of the Inner Court

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  • Angel with wings of dirty cream, his broad face was pale, his brown eyes beseeching.[1]
  • Dressed in the colorful silks of the courtiers. [1]

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8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Andromeda was forced to watch him cruelly tortured by hounds by Xi who was ordered by Lijuan. Lijuan warns Andromeda that if she lied, Heng’s punishment will appear as nothing.[1] Naasir came across his mutilated body—in pieces accept for the head still attached to the exposed spinal cord. Down the hall, Naasir heard a vampire report to Xi that Andromeda sat with Heng until he lost consciousness again, and she told him stories of fantastical beings.[2]

Being forced to witness Heng’s torture at the teeth of the hounds had only strengthened her resolve. She told Naasir that she lied convincingly that Alexander was hidden under Mount Kilimanjaro.[3]

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