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Isabel is a tall, competent warrior Angel who chose to walk the path of an ascetic. Andromeda has seen her at the Refuge. She was Naasir's partner during his assigned time there and she has chosen to remain in the city.

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  • Warrior—trained and dangerous fighter, effective, not flashy

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  • Originally: Raphael's emissary as guard to Amanat
  • Caliane has assigned her to teach the maidens how to defend themselves.[1]
  • Isabel does routine fly-by circuits everyday to watch over the city of Amanat. [2]

Habitat / Residence / OriginsEdit

  • Refuge — originally assigned there
  • Amanat — still there, she chose to stay after her original assignment ended.

Character / Personality / Traits Edit

  • chose to walk the path of an ascetic—asexual and serene. [2]
  • Isabel had a regal confidence
  • Rumors said she was an automaton devoid of emotions—but Andromeda saw open affection regarding Naasir

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • tall and muscular in a toned, fluid way
  • moved with an economy of motion
  • black hair pulled back into a neat braid
  • wings white with a splash of delicate green at the primaries
  • smile was quiet but deep
  • eyes a brown darker than the darkest chocolate, and her skin a tawny gold.
  • Handsome rather than beautiful
  • wore black jeans with boots, loose white top,

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8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Naasir sent Andromeda (Andi) to fly to Amanat for safety, tellingg her to contact Isabel, who was his partner is helping safeguard the city while Caliane gained is strength and reinforcements. [3] Andi watches her practice in the courtyard. Naasir borrowed a satellite phone from the captain of the barge. She showed her to a room. Said that Suyin may be dying sadness and loneliness, of an existence without hope. [1] Isabel guides her Caliane.[2] Naasir watches her and Andromeda spar with swords—there like dancing. Isabel was good, Andromeda was better.[4] Avi and Isabel with a squadron capture Philomena's four enemy flyers. The plan is to interrogate then, the put them on a prison ship for elsewhere. Isabel and Andi agree they'll spar again should they meet.[5]

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“Isabel,” Caliane said in greeting when the warrior-angel landed, her voice hauntingly pure. “Are my maidens improving?”
“Like snails, my Lady.” [2]

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