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Jariel was believed to be on the cusp of becoming an archangel, perhaps in the next decade or two. He was discovered murdered with his head placed in the center of the entranceway and all of his people massacred by one of Titus' scouts, a long-time friend to Jariel who had been invited there for a stay. A pile of ash was the only evidence of what may have happened to his body. The incident occurred a week to ten days prior to the discovery. The ash showed that it was created by an archangelic ability—sparks of power linger within it for up to a month afterward. “It was one of the Cadre.”

The massacre made no sense at first—Jariel wasn’t Cadre yet, had no say in their politics. It was possible that someone decided to get rid of a competitor before he reached maturity. 

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  • Long-time Friend: a scout of Titus

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8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Titus called an emergency meeting of the Cadre of Ten to report his murder by a fire that could only created by one of the Cadre.[1] Andromeda recalls having heard while in Amanat, that there was a chance that Jariel was killed by Lijuan.[2]

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  • Cadre of Ten
  • Titus — has evidence of Archangel culpability
  • Raphael — suggested that someone decided to get rid of a competitor.
  • Favashi — said it could have been any one of them
  • Neha — agreed Archangel fire was the cause; made acerbic comments;
  • Michaela — said there was one way to be certain—the ash; kept her body hidden on screen.
  • Elijah — “Only one of us is capable of such a heinous act.”, referring to Lijuan.
  • Astaad — wanted to be certain it was an archangel who did it
  • Caliane — just listened
  • Elena — listened out of site of the Cadre
  • Illium (growing in power, should be on the list powerful angels not Cadre)

Book References Edit

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