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Jelena is one of Caliane’s most trusted people—as loyal to her as Avi is. Did not go into Sleep with Caliane but stayed behind with her family to watch over Raphael. She is the mother of Tasha and the wife of Avi.

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  • Thousands of years old

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  • Look after Raphael when he was a youngling.
  • Learning about new inventions and technologies
  • Updating Amanat into the 21st Century.[1]

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  • one of Caliane’s most trusted people

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  • Jelena was keenly interested in new inventions and technologies, and had often come to the Library where Andromeda seeking access to manuals. [1]
  • Jelena has been teaching Caliane about the new machines using hot light—lasers.[2]

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As Andromeda walked the streets of Amanat, she saw amidst the ancient stone that there were modern-day modifications and additions, such as electric lights. She felt that it must be Jelena's influence as a forward-thinking advisor. In their meeting, Caliane tells Andromeda that Jelena had told her that Alexander once thought to raise an army against Raphael.[1] She had given a spare phone. He called Raphael to have him warn Rohan. [2]

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