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The Made is a human that has been transformed into a vampire by an Angel or Archangel. There is also the one and only ever Made AngelElena Deveraux. The term. "The Made", is also is used synonymously with Vampire.

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Candidate Process—Restrictions / RulesEdit

  • Angels are fanatical about checking the short-listed candidates—they are scanned, analyzed, nearly split open with all the tests they're given.[1]
  • The choosing is difficult. It's to the Cadre's benefit not to select those who're weak, who'll break, but mistakes happen.[2]
  • To make a child is strictly forbidden. Children go mad, they die. [3]

Made ProcessEdit

  • Angels also produce a toxin that must be regularly discharged into somebody else or it drives them insane, thus they create vampires — from willing human populations.[4]
  • The act itself is as intimate as an Angel chooses to make it. Mostly, it's a clinical process similar to giving blood—the human is put into a medicated sleep during the transfer.[2]

Side EffectsEdit

  • There is a very bad side effect to being Made—a tiny minority have their brains scrambled beyond recovery. [1]

Events in the Series Edit

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1. Angels' BloodEdit

Sara Haziz talks to Ellie about the very bad side effect to being Made based on what the made up report in the Slater Patalis case—a serial-killing vampire—the file is hidden. The made up report says that he had a severe illness that he managed to hide in the candidate process. But the truth is that he was fine going in but was scrambled when Made and came out a serial killer. [1]

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8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Osiris had Made Naasir after he Melded him so that he'd survive longer... and to keep him a child to control him better. [3]

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