Mahiya — full name is Mahiya Geet.

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Mahiya is an angel princess who's full name is Mahiya Geet (Beloved Song), daughter of Eris and Nivriti, neice and ward of Archangel Neha.

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  • Angel

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  • Former: Neha's Court, India
  • Current: Raphael's territory

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  • Golden brown skin, black hair with a red tint, petite and curvy, unique wings of peacock with black striations.

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Conceived due to an affair between Nivriti and Eris, Mahiya was taken from her mother and grew up in Neha's court. She is around 300 years old and has been led to believe Neha executed her mother just after her birth.

We meet Mahiya in Archangel's Shadow. She visits her father, Eris, until his death; Raphael sends Jason to investigate for a distraught Neha and Mahiya is bound by blood to him to safeguard Neha's secrets. After solving the mystery, Mahiya learns the truth about her mother and, after meeting her mother fleetingly, watches as Nivriti and Neha fight.

Mahiya currently lives in Raphael's territory under the care of her lover, Jason

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