Melding — other forms of term: to Meld, or Melder. First seen in Archangel's Enigma.

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Melding is the ability to combine species, create hybrids.

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  • Chimera — one surviving: Naasir
  • Most hybrid plant species in the GH world.

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  • His progression with his melding had all been in the diaries Raphael had saved for Naasir. [1]

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Alexander’s brother, Osiris, was a melder and he decided to meld living beings. Osiris most likely gained his abilities in the last Cascade. He was an Ancient like his brother and he would’ve been alive at that time. Osiris had the ability to put two things together and make them one. At first, he melded inanimate objects for amusement. Then he decided to see if he could meld two living things together. He started with plants and it worked. He is responsible for many of the most extraordinary flowers in the world—flowers that aren’t one color but many, or that are so unusual a hybrid, no one can work out how they ever cross-pollinated. He started with plants and it worked. He is responsible for many hybrid plants and flowers in the world. He decided to move from plants to people, to children. According to his diaries, it began by chance—he found an urchin boy and brought him to his old laboratory in Alexander’s territory. He intended for the boy to become a cleaner. Then his hunting dog ran into the room and he was struck by the idea of melding them. He called it a ‘glorious moment of genius. He tried to meld the boy and the dog then and there. The two died in a twisted mess of limbs and organs. The failure only fueled his ugly desires. He bought children from poor families, or simply abducted them, paid poachers and hunters to bring him the young of animals.

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