Character Description Edit

Nivriti is the twin sister of India's Archangel Neha, aunt to Anoushka and mother to Mahiya.

Appearance Edit

Unique wings in the emerald green and sapphire blues of peacock feathers.

History Edit

Nivriti and Neha were born around 3000 years ago and had a vampire nanny who watched over them as they grew up. The sisters would squabble and compete over everything, all coming to a head when Nivriti had an affair with Neha's beloved consort and husband, Eris; birthing Mahiya as a result. Neha left her sister to die, only raising Mahiya due to her duties to Eris.

Nivriti was saved by her friends and spent 300 years in hiding, waiting for her moment. We meet Nivriti in Archangel's Shadow when she confronts Neha. She is able to hurt Neha, which suggests that she could be in the running to be the newest Archangel...

Abilities Edit

Poison webs, terrible streak of ruthlessness