Philomena — first mentioned in Archangel's Shadows and in Archangel's Enigma

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Philomena is one of Lijuan's top generals.

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  • Only a fool would expect to beat Philomena and her squadron on their own terrain
  • Tenacity

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  • Feathers: pale yellow streaked with blue—very distinctive coloration. [1]
  • Flame-red head [2]

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  • She want her squads to get Andromeda as soon a possible but not to enter Caliane's territory to start open hostilities. [3]

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7. Archangel's Shadows Edit

injured when Lijuan’s forces attacked New York

8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

Looking out from the window of her room at Lijuan's Citidel, Andromeda surveyed the landscape and the immediate area around her. She a feather float down to land by her window—very distinctive coloration identical to that of Philomena.[1] Naasir crawled along the ceiling right over Philomena’s flame-red head. [2] She sent a squadron to Amanat to get Andromeda, but they can't enter the city through the force shield. So they wait for her to come out. Naasir overheard their conversation.[3] Isabel said they would take care of them in the morning before Nassir and Andromeda leave—want to avoid giving Philomena a chance to send reinforcements or replacements.[4] Avi and Isabel take a squadron capture Philomena's four enemy flyers. The plan is to interrogate then, the put them on a prison ship for elsewhere.[5] To misdirect Philomena, Nassir has Raph's jet file flight plan to Michaela's territory in Europe. She would pass the info to Xi.[5]

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