Ransom Winterwolf is a Guild Hunter like Elena. She refers to him as a "some-times friend" because they fight a lot. But they have each others' back no matter what.[1]

History / BiographyEdit

✥ Ransom had grown up on the streets. Being a hunter was considered even better in street hierarchy than being a gangbanger. Ransom had contacts the rest of the Hunters didn't—he never lost his street cred, though most people did once they go out. [2]

Back StoriesEdit

✥ Ransom once got scent-ambushed by vampires with Scent-Lure abilities and woke up naked with bites all over his body.[1]



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  • Super-duper high-powered gee-whiz telescope. [3]
  • Rode a big Guild motorcycle 

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  • Ransom thought Elena'a girly tendencies were funny—yet he conditioned his own hair.[4]
  • Didn't deal well with intimacy. [1]

Likes and InterestsEdit

  • Star gazing [3]
  • Fascination with guns and weaponry [3]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Wore a braid hanging down his back [1]
  • Has hair prettier than one of Astaad's concubines. [5]
  • too-handsome-to-live face with a wide grin [1]
  • High cheekbones and rich copper-gold skin inherited from his Cherokee ancestors, not to mention green eyes from Ireland-via a short sojourn in an Australian penal colony[1]
  • Pretty enough to lick up like ice cream. [1]

Interests / Likes / 1 Dislikes Edit

  • liked to tease Elena by calling her by her real name: Elieanora. [1]

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  • Gave Elena boots as a gag gift—had a sheath built into her shoe for a hidden flat blade [6]
  • He knows Illium from Erotique.[7]

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1. Angels' BloodEdit

Sara told Elena that Ransom gave Sara a really weird report last night. He saw Elena flying. [3] Ransom picked up Elena on a bike when she asked for a Retrieval while running from Dmitri. [8] Takes Elena to the Guild Headquarters. Says Nyree left him, he's unhappy about it. Gets advice from Elena. She also steers him home by tweaking him.[1] Raphael goes to his apartment, puts Nyree to sleep, and asks where would Elena hide if she was protecting her friends. Under compulsion he answered: "She wouldn't hide.", though he tried to stop himself. He called Elena to warn her. Let her know that Raphael thinks of her as his.[9] Calls Elena with information. There's lots of angel and vamp activity—they're everywhere—and girls disappearing; He asks if he should warn the pros, she says they're mostly innocent but to have them look out for each other. The big news is that there's a hit out on Elena—an archangel wants her dead, but the order is on hold.[2] Elena was wearing the boots he gave her with a hidden flat blade in the sole.[6] He watched with Sara as Elena fell in Raphael's arms—and then they were surrounded by angels who lifted them up. A week later they plan to break into the Tower to find out about Ellie. Dmitri tells them she's alive "Perhaps not as she would've wished". Recovery will be slow—broke her back and most of her bones were shattered. He protects her from those who would use her vulnerability to hurt her. She in a coma.[10] Ransom is still with Nyree when Elena wakes up a year later. [11]

2. Archangel's KissEdit

Ransom calls Elena to let her know that the are huge bet against her living out the year—the vampires at Erotique are expecting her to be fed to Lijuan's Reborn, with the odds at 99 to 1. He knows Illium from Erotique.[7]

3. Archangel's Consort Edit

Ransom is sent to hunt down a bloodlust-ridden vampire in Boston with Elena as backup, who is accompanied by Venom, only to discover that instead of hunting 1 vampire, they are hunting 16. Ransom goes through the the front of the warehouse where the vampires are hidding while Elena uses the roof. Helped by Venom, the duo clear the warehouse of vampires and alert the police that the bloodlust-ridden vampires have been taken care of. [5]

6. Archangel's Legion Edit

7. Archangel's Shadows Edit

Quotes Edit

He dropped his arm. "I let her leave stuff at my place. Girly shit." — Ransom [1]
His skin turned white over bone. "She lets any other fucker lay a hand on her, he'll be singing soprano the rest of his miserable life." — Ransom [1]
"And you—look like a reject from a biker show." ... "Hey!" Ransom took offense. "I'll have you know I'm a certified biker dude." — Sara and Ransom ref name="GH1ch13">Angels' Blood, Book 1, ch. 13</ref>
"Apparently an archangel wants you dead. What the hell did you do to him?" ... "Not him. Her." ... "Ah. I wouldn't worry about it, then." Pure snark. "According to the gossip, your head's wanted on a silver platter-literally. The hunt's not authorized to begin yet." — Ransom and Elena [2]

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