The Slayer — First mentioned n "Angels' Judgment".

This page refers to the title position of a hunter Slayer. Not the dog Slayer (dog).

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The Slayer is a title position for a Guild Hunter whose idenity is unknown to other hunters. It is the job of the Slayer to hunt down and (if nessecary) kill rogue hunters. They are authorized to do this by the police.

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  • Needs incredible tracking skills.

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  • The previous Slayer was Deacon (now retired).

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  • The Guild keeps an eye on possibles for Slays]e.
  • The previous Slayer recruits the next Slayer[1]

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  • The Slayer works his ops independently from the guild. [2]
  • Hunting our own is a rare thing. [3]
  • The Slayer’s rarely called for. [3]
  • Slayers are chosen from the loners.[3]
  • The law will never become involved. They’re glad we police ourselves. Hunters who turn bad have a way of upping the body count. [4]
  • Deacon's had to kill five Hunters in the line of duty as The Slayer. [4]

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

0.5. "Angels' Judgmemt" Edit

Sara goes on a hunt with Deacon, the Slayer at the time, for a possible hunter killing vampires.[3] They talk about a past case—Bill James—a hunter who killed children in a killing spree. Bill was Sara's friend and Elena Deveraux's mentor. Elena and Sara went out on the case together since The Slayer was out of the country. Elena killed Bill.[3] Deacon retires as The Slayer to make his weapons and to be with Sara, the new Guild Director. Sara names her new puppy from Lucy's litter, "Slayer". [5]

Quotes Edit

My name is Deacon, but most people know me as the Slayer.” ... She stared. He wasn’t joking. Fuck. Pushing off the door, she walked very quietly to the bed and sat down on the edge. “I thought they made you up. Like the bogeyman.” ... “The Guild recruits and trains some of the deadliest men and women in the world. We need a bogeyman.” [3]
  • “Hunting our own is a rare thing,” Deacon acknowledged. “But it happens. That’s why there’s always a Slayer in the Guild.” [3]

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