Vampire Protection Authority — aka "VPA" — — First appears in Angels' Blood.

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A group dedicated to the protection of vampire interests. Their proposed purpose was to stop cruelty and prejudice against Vampires. Due to the nature of vampires however, this group does not often achieve much because their clients often commit violent of horrific crimes. They rarely win court cases because the defense only had to show photos of the victim and the judgement almost always went against the vampire who filed the complaint.

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  • Bring up charges against an angel on behalf of those they feel are mistreated.

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  • rarely managed to make cruelty allegations stick. All the angels had to do was display photos of humans with their throats torn out, and the jury would acquit.[1]

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  • five complaints filed against Shah Mayur by the VPA for Excessive violence against a vampire during retrieval—all from the same vamp.[2]

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  • Some angels get lawyers all lined up and are very careful to follow strict procedure and have their hunters do the same. [1]

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0.5. "Angels' Judgmemt" Edit

Sara and Deacon were investigating Timothy Lee, Shah Mayur, and Marco Giardes in a case involving a possible Hunter killing vampires. Shah Mayur made the list because he had five VPA complaints against him. [3]

1. Angels' BloodEdit

Sara worried that Dmitri might lodge a complaint against Elena. Elena said he was having too much fun.[4]

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... wasn't taking any chances that could lead to him being brought up on charges by the Vampire Protection Authority. — [1]
not that the VPA had ever managed to make cruelty allegations stick. All the angels had to do was display a couple of photos of humans with their throats torn out... — [1]

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