Vivek — aka "V", Full name: Vivek Kapur — First appears in Angels' Blood.

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Vivek is a Hunter-born Guild Hunter who was paralyzed from the neck down. He was the Guild’s resident computer genius who isolates himself down in a deep high-tech sub-bunker called the Cellars. He's the Guild's eyes and ears operating from a high-tech wheelchair. "V" was the best spy in the Guild’s entire worldwide operation.

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  • "O Great Knower of All Things" — Elena


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  • Computer genius
  • Skilled with languages
  • Best spy in the Guild’s entire worldwide operation


  • no feeling below the shoulders

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  • Guild Hunter
  • Cellar Manager at the Guild headquarters
  • maintain spy and information network for the Guild
  • the eyes and ears of the Guild from his high-tech wheelchair
  • will be attached to the Tower, directly under the command of the Seven
  • ultimately will be made part of Elena’s Guard

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  • brilliant and gifted
  • although paralyzed, has never been helpless
  • can be petty and temperamental, but is completely loyal to the Guild and fellow hunters [1]
  • often moody and sarcastic

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • classically handsome
  • far too thin, but broad shouldered with long legs
  • rich brown skin and dark brown eyes

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  • liked languages—it was a game to guess the greetings' language he used.[2]
  • Scrabble

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  • spends most of his life in the underground bunkers
  • When Vivek sulked, life in the Cellars got very uncomfortable—temperature changes, odd smells, weird-tasting food. [3]
  • He has a hidden room inside a wall that he can hide in for days. [4]

Biography / History Edit

Spoiler alert.... Vivek Kapur was crushed in a childhood accident and had no feeling below the shoulders. He was afterward institutionalized and abandoned by his family. Being a Hunter-born, the hunt is in the blood—"V" spent years coming to terms with never being able to hunt. Although paralyzed, has never been helpless, he has built an extraordinary life for himself on sheer will.

Eventually his health began to fail and it was clear that he was going to die. Elena set it up with the right resources and had all his possible question answered before presenting him with the option to be Made into a Vampire. Once he made his decision, he was changed by Aodhan. He’s currently in seclusion for the process of changing. Keir has been monitoring Vivek's transformation personally because of he long-term injuries. Vivek will serve his 100 year contract under Elena Deveraux, attached to the Tower, directly under the command of the Seven and ultimately will be made part of Elena’s Guard.

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1. Angels' BloodEdit

Ver lets in Elena to the Cellar. They have an easy camaraderie, and plan to play Scrabble. [2] Elena spelled "hide", V spelled "home". He makes a call to Sara for her. And scolds her for calling her family, not just for breaking the rules, but because they are incapable of loving her back.[3] V gives her a gun made to damage the wings of angels to buy time for escape. The wings heal but they take longer than anything else.[4] He did not have an answer as to why Raphael was not healing, he should be almost healed after 20 to 30 minutes.[5]

2. Archangel's KissEdit

Sara packed one of his Angel Guns in a bag of weapons for Elena.[6]

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4. Archangel's Blade Edit

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6. Archangel's Legion Edit

7. Archangel's Shadows Edit

regaining use of his body more quickly than most thought possible

8. Archangel's Enigma Edit

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Up there, I'm nothing, a burden. Down here, I'm king. [2]

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